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Rose Drive

Aug 1, 2019

Starring: Lauren Donoghue and John Patrick Daly

Music: Fabio Marks, Austin Fray

"Rose Drive Season 01 Finale premiers Friday September 6th 2019 as part of a weeklong release event. Starting the previous Monday, September 2nd, we will be dropping daily mini episodes that will lead up to the highly anticipated finale. If you're just starting the show or haven't listened to previous episodes in awhile, now would be a good time to binge listen. We must warn you though, this finale is unlike anything you've heard so far...

It's our responsibility to inform you that you may experience the following while listening:

  • Loud Moments
  • Quiet Moments
  • Jump Scares
  • Disturbing scenes of explicit violence, gore and profanity
  • Discussion of mental illness, disease and physical abuse

Proceed With Caution - You Have Been Warned

Like our pre-existing episodes, we encourage you to listen in a dark, quiet, stationary place and with headphones. We wouldn't want you to miss anything in your experience. In the meantime make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more updates leading to the finale, and to be informed of what's to come for the future of the series. And finally, we thank you for your patience. The darkness surrounding Markus, Claire, Forrest and the residents of Southampton is ready to welcome you back with open arms. You have one month to prepare yourself.

So...Tell Me... Are You Listening?"

- Raul Vega creator of Rose Drive

2019 Phantom Ape Productions