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Rose Drive

Aug 11, 2017

Southampton, CA. Warm, friendly, progressive... It's the quintessential suburban dream. However, the town's pristine image runs only so deep. What lies beneath could destroy the minds of everybody in the community. For some the truth is easily hidden. For Markus Hill...the revelation is just beginning. Welcome to Southampton.

Help Markus as he unveils the reality of Southampton upon his homecoming. Is the town changing? Why is no one talking about it? Is it true, that the man who ruined Markus' family was seen at his 10 year high school reunion? Is 'The Lost Child' actually back? Markus can't walk this path alone. He needs help. Your help.

Put on your headphones. Turn the volume up. Pay attention. This is Rose Drive.

Are You Listening?






Rose Drive is a Phantom Ape Production.